While making PubSweet 1.0 we have made substantive upstream code contribs to yarn, webpack, lodash, prompt, node-config, substance and other open source softwares. On top of that, we’ve provided functionality feedback and bug reports to many more.

The PubSweet documentation is built with the Harp static site generator.

The body text is set in Spectral, designed by Production type for Google and available on Google fonts while the headings are composed in Fira Sans and all the coding in Fira Mono, designed by Erik Spiekermann, both available from Mozilla.

The PubSweet logo was made by Henrik Van Leeuwenn from the Van Leeuwenn brothers.

The syntax highlighting of the website is based on Prism.js which was made by Lea Verou.

The website was designed by Julien Taquet and the content was written by Rik Smith-Unna.

And the whole PubSweet universe is made possible thanks to the work of the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation.