the open toolkit for building publishing workflows

PubSweet is a free, open source toolkit for building state-of-the-art publishing workflows.

It's designed to be modular and flexible, consisting of a server and client that work together, components that can modify or extend the functionality of the server and/or client, and a command-line tool that helps manage PubSweet apps.

PubSweet is being used for book publishing, and academic journal production and preprint management services are in development. By drawing on the growing library of components, PubSweet can be used to rapidly create bespoke publishing systems. If the existing components don't completely meet your needs, you can focus development on building new components to provide just the new functionality needed. Join the PubSweet community and help us build a common resource of open components for publishing by contributing components back.

You can read more about the ideas behind PubSweet at the Coko Foundation site. If you would like to talk to anyone for help working with PubSweet you can find us all on the Coko Chat.

Get started by learning about the pubsweet core modules.